Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom – S16:E6


Bonnie Dolce has brought her boyfriend, Nikki Nutz, to meet her stepmother, Sharon White. Bonnie and Sharon have a tumultuous relationship. Bonnie is constantly cycling her guys out, and Sharon is always trying to fuck them despite being married to Bonnie’s dad. Today is no different. When Sharon discovers that Nikki doesn’t speak Hungarian, she takes the opportunity to quiz Bonnie about all kinds of things, from the size of Nikki’s dick to the way he licks her pussy. The trio settles in to watch some TV together, but in reality Sharon spends her time making a move on Nikki with her feet. Inching closer, Sharon reaches under the blanket and starts stroking Nikki’s hard cock. When Bonnie reaches under the blanket to do the same, she is horrified to realize stepmommy has gotten there first.Sharon tries to defend herself that her husband hasn’t been home in three weeks, but Bonnie isn’t buying it. When Sharon says she’ll tell Nikki he’s the third guy this week, Bonnie comes back that she’ll tell her dad about Sharon’s infidelity. Eventually they make a deal that they will both keep the other’s secret and share Nikki. Although Nikki is not able to follow the conversation, he is very aware of what’s happening when both ladies suddenly stop talking and start pawing at him. A hot second later, Bonnie has Nikki’s dick in her mouth while Sharon sucks his balls. The girls take turns, sharing oh so nicely. Sharon graciously even lets Bonnie get naked and climb onto Nikkie’s fuck stick for the first ride as Bonnie rubs her clit.Sharon gets to enjoy Nikki next, bouncing away on his hardon. Since Bonnie is already naked, she hops onto the top of the couch so that Sharon can finger her greedy puss and then lean in for a full on feast. When it’s once again Bonnie’s turn to enjoy Nikki’s cock, she finds herself on her back with Nikki buried between her thighs and Sharon riding her mouth. That position lets Nikki motorboat Sharon’s fine ass titties as he keeps Bonnie’s party going. Sharon takes her turn in the middle on her hands and knees with Nikki giving it to her in doggy and her mouth staying busy lapping away at Bonnie’s juicy snatch. Finally sated, the girls continue their pledge to share Nikki as they work together to blow him until he pops into their waiting open mouths.